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AIICO Announces N5.2bn Profit After Tax in Unaudited Q3’20 Result.
AIICO Announces N5.2bn Profit After Tax in Unaudited Q3’20 Result.

[Image: 0?ui=2&ik=5183ffadc9&attid=0.0.6&permmsg...8&disp=emb]
I always hated paying taxes. I run a small business and I was spending a lot of time during the period I had to pay them. I understand that we pay them for a reason, for our country, and for its benefits but the system is very bad. I hired an accountant that helped me a period. I liked him because he wasn't taking a lot of money for his work. After some time he couldn't work for me anymore and he recommended me a site that helps me to calculate my taxes by myself. He said that it works only for small businesses and I was very happy about that and now it is very easy for me to pay the taxes.

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