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FBNH Q2'20: Asset Disposal Gain Bloats Quarterly Performance
FBNH Q2'20: Asset Disposal Gain Bloats Quarterly Performance

Cardinalstone Research

FBN Holdings Plc (FBNH: TP - N7.47: BUY) result highlights: 
  • H1'20 earnings surged by 56.3% YoY, supported by a 46.8% jump in non-interest income and a N13.8 billion gain in discontinued operations that was mostly influenced by the sale of the firm's 65.0% stake in FBN Insurance Ltd
  • In Q2'20, however, earnings contracted by 7.5% QoQ to N23.8 billion. Further assessment reveals a much steeper decline in operating performance after adjusting for the N10.5 billion asset disposal gain during the quarter. To this point, earnings from continuing operations plunged 46.0% QoQ, weighed by a 2.2x jump in impairment charges on financial assets and a 39.0% decline in non-interest revenue. These weaknesses are possibly indicative of the weak operating conditions induced by the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Credit-related impairments rose 49.8% QoQ during the quarter to N15.1 billion, reflecting a 100 bps jump in cost of risk to 2.9% in Q2'20. NPL ratio, however, moderated to 8.8% from 9.2% in Q1'20, possibly due to further write-offs and loan restructurings 
  • Non-interest revenue (NIR) fell 39.0% weighed by an 84.9% decline in total non-fee related NIR
  • Elsewhere, net interest income rose 17.9% QoQ aided by lower interest expense (-29.5%). We attribute the moderation in interest expense to the 100 bps cut in MPR on the bank's huge savings deposit base and the impact of moderating yields
  • Also, operating expenses moderated by 5.6% in the quarter, although cost to income ratio inched 110 bps higher due to the weaker operating income (-7.8% QoQ)
  • Gross loans to customers contracted by 2.6% while customer deposits improved by 1.9% relative to Q1'20

  • Following the divestment from the insurance business, the HoldCo injected tier 1 capital into the commercial bank, leading to a 120 bps increase in CAR to 16.5%.

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