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[font="Noto Sans", sans-serif]Hello Analyst,[/font]
[font="Noto Sans", sans-serif]Please is ZENITH current price a good entry price for buy?[/font]
[font="Noto Sans", sans-serif]√What is the target price for this share?[/font]
√Also, what are the factors to consider to determine a safe/best entry level for an equity (Shares)

Kindly advice.
Going by the current fundamentals of Zenith Bank Plc, we strongly believe the stock has solid fundamentals to trade above the current price of N21.50. We aslo strongly believe that the long term value investors are accumulating and maintaining a HOLD position due to this fact and an attractive yield. Currently, the YIELD is trading at 13%.

In addition to this, The Net Assets Per Share stands around N30.50, which gives an indication the stock is trading at a huge discount to its current BOOK VALUE, and if we are to consider its PRICE-TO-BOOK VALUE of 0.68, we are bold to say that the STOCK IS SIGNIFICANTLY trading at an UNDERVALUED position of N21.50 at October 29, 2020.

We advise a BUY and HOLD position at the current price of N21.50 for long term value investors, with a target future price of N28-N30. However, A SHORT TERM trader may need to be CAUTIOUSLY OPTIMISTIC as stock is closer to its 52weeks HIGH of N23, which may attract some heavy PROFIT-TAKING while the recent trading pattern had already revealed mixed sentiments.

From a Technical analysis standpoint, we have seen a DOJI, which shows there is a huge fightback from the bears as the stock traded as high as N21.70 before closing the last trade session at N21.50. We take a Doji Candlestick Pattern, which is closer to 52Weeks high very serious.

On this note, we advise short term traders to be cautiously optimistic as a possible PULL BACK is not impossible at the current point as our sentiments analysis indicator had suggested. We advise a pullback trading STRATEGY here to trade this stock at this point.

A pullback strategy is an idea to wait for the price to “pull back” during a trend to provide you with a better entry price. When the market is moving higher and you anticipate that the move will continue, you want to enter a trade for the lowest price possible. Pullbacks help you find such opportunities.

During an uptrend, the dominant trend waves moved higher. The correction waves represent moves against the ongoing trend direction. When trading pullbacks, traders look for those correction phases and then time trade entries during such phases.
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