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Reasons for the abundance of ants in the house
Reasons for the abundance of ants in the house
The appearance of ants is one of the biggest problems facing homes in the summer, so it is necessary to know the reasons for the large number of ants in the house and how to eliminate them permanently.

Indicator of the presence of ants in the house
Some believe that the presence of ants in the house is caused by envy, but there is no evidence for these gossip, as ants search for their food anywhere, and one of the reasons for their presence in the house is leaving dishes piled up in the sink without washing, as well as the presence of food everywhere on the floor and the kitchen and the presence of sugars and sweets without cover.

Housewives find ants in specific places such as the kitchen, especially cupboards, where ants search for places where food commodities such as sugar are located, and are also found in cracks and small openings in the house where they work to store food.

Reasons for the abundance of ants in the house
There are many reasons for the appearance of ants in the house, and through the citizen’s website, we explain the most important of these reasons:

The presence of a huge group of cracks and holes inside the house in the walls, which is a main reason for the entry of ants into the house and its growth, as work must be done to fill the holes and gaps that exist in the walls of the house.
Older homes that were built a long time ago may be more susceptible to ants than others, as they are more suitable for making ant colonies in the home.
One of the main reasons for the emergence of ants is to leave food without a cover all night in the kitchen and leave food and garbage remaining in the house. It is a major reason for the spread of ants inside the house and it is difficult to control them after that. Food must be covered and placed in the refrigerator and garbage is eliminated on a daily basis.
Not cleaning floors and carpets periodically, as this causes the spread of ants in all areas of the house, and this is one of the most important reasons for the appearance of ants.
How to get rid of ants in the house
After identifying the causes of the abundance of ants in the house, there are many means that help to get rid of ants naturally and without cost, and these methods are:

Using vinegar: Vinegar works to get rid of ants completely, as you must clean cabinets and household floors with some vinegar and water, as vinegar helps to cleanse and eliminate ants of all kinds and sizes, in addition to that vinegar removes strange and unpleasant odors and you can clean marble, granite and others.
Cleaning with lemon or orange: One of the most important ways to eliminate ants in a natural way, where citrus fruits help to get rid of ants in a radical way, where you put lemon and orange directly in the places where ants are located and work to identify the locations of ant cells and squeeze lemon or orange in them.
Using herbs and spices: To control the spread of ants and their presence, you can use spices such as cinnamon and mint to reduce the presence of ants in the house, and you can use different essential oils such as: cinnamon oil, camphor oil.
Cucumber, lemon and orange peels: They are placed in the ant places, where they help to eliminate the ants, and thus the ants move away from that place directly.
Apple cider vinegar with water: It is a severe solution to eliminate ants, where ants are resisted by wiping with apple cider vinegar with water, as this mixture is one of the most prominent natural ways to eliminate ants.
Hot pepper powder: You put some hot pepper, which helps to eliminate ants in the fastest time, as the pepper is sprayed on the ants directly

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