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How to use design thinking to improve your website's UX
Design Thinking for website UX is developing the website to be centred around the user or in this case the customer. It incorporates elements that will help the customer navigate the site and improve their experience. Many companies are overly precious about their website design, but the main priority is to allow customers to find information and make purchases,  so the design should focus on the user to give them an easy and valuable experience.
Of course, it’s not just as simple as thinking from the viewpoint of the user, it’s about brainstorming solutions and adopting a systematic way of prototyping and measuring results. If you need ideas for designs check out a bunch of website design templates offered by Wix and split by industry type. Getting some inspiration before you start could be helpful, just so that you have an idea of what you want your website to look like. And of course, make sure you apply the Design Thinking principles when creating your site.
Let us look at the technical elements of the Design Thinking approach to web design

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